Your accelerated freefall will be a heart-pumping thrill!

Learn the fundamentals of skydiving with this AFF Category A course. You’ll go through training on the ground where you’ll learn the basics of skydiving. You’ll then be taken by plane to at least 13,000 feet to jump with two certified instructors (whose experience levels range from at least 3 years to almost 31years alongside, to guide you throughout the ride.

You will have the opportunity to deploy your pilot chute, which will release your main canopy. Once your parachute is deployed, you will control a solo parachute descent back to the drop zone with some assistance from the Adventure Skydiving Tennessee staff, via use of our ground to air communication system. Enjoy this amazing ride of your life!


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Rule the skies with this intensive 7 jump AFF training course. Adventure Skydiving Tennessee's 4 Category Accelerated Freefall training is exhilarating. Learn the basics through classroom and simulated practice and enjoy jumping alongside skilled instructors throughout your training. You will also get the chance to demonstrate aerial maneuvers while jumping with your jump master(s).

At each level you will learn and practice new skills: such as exciting the plane, releasing the parachute, turning techniques, back loops, radio assisted landing and more. As you begin to master these skills your jump masters will release you to jump, but remain close to you at all times. You will make your first solo skydive at the end of the 4th category with a single instructor close by.

Complete all seven jumps successfully and the sky will be the limit!  You’re now a certified skydiver. Make the Jump…

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