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Largest. Fastest. Safest.

How the aircraft type impacts your jump

A plane is just as equal to any other plane, right?

Assuming you haven’t jumped out of a plane just yet, we can safely assume you haven’t researched the airplane that will ferry you miles above earth before throwing you out. To all appearances, you won’t likely become acquainted with it until you meet it at the runway. Let me just say this, skydiving is the one thing you don’t want to go into without having done at least preliminary research.

It is not a bad thing to know what plane you’re jumping out of, its strengths, and its weaknesses, because the type of plane will affect the overall awesomeness of your skydive. All information pertaining to the aircraft you will likely find yourself in on the ride to altitude is detailed below. Don’t just skim over it, read it; if not for preparation before your jump than just for smart shopping.


Dehavilland Twin OtterDehavilland Twin Otter

Any practiced jumper regards the Twin Otter as the best aircraft in the industry. This glorious powerhouse, crafted by the gods themselves, features a jump capacity of 23 people and a trip to 14,000 feet in under 10 minutes.

Conceivably the safest, most sound and cooperative aircraft in its role, the Otter boasts a steady flight, a roomy cabin and engine redundancy. Engine redundancy adds the benefit of being able to fly on a single engine as a safety net in case an engine goes out. Anyone with a moderate affinity for competence could fly the Otter, which makes it easy for our chief pilot, with thousands of flight hours, to get you to altitude safely.

The Otter is unimaginably fast stock, yet we outfit the plane by removing unnecessary weight for a faster flight time and a more comfortable flight. The Otter is outfitted with windows at virtually angle, comfortable seating for each person, and am extra-large exit door for easy exits.

Bottom line, the Otter is a welcomed feature for anyone’s jump. In fact, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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