Skydiving Prices

Our Prices

Here are our prices for our various activities and packages. Be sure to check back in summer for our special rates!

Tandem Jumps

Walk-in Tandem Price$219

Tandem Skydive Discounts

Group of five or more: $10 off
Group of ten or more: $20 off
Group of twenty or more: Give us a call!

Video Packages

Personal *Handycam (Video Only): $99
Professional *Separate Videographer (Video and Pictures): $119
Deluxe *Personal and Professional Combined Edit$179

ACcelerated Freefall (AFF)

AFF Solo Certification Package: $1299
A-License Package:$2099

Experienced Jumpers

Jump Ticket:$27
Gear Rental (includes pack job):$50
Daily Gear Rental:Call us
Fifty Jump Package:$1250
One Hundred Jump Package: $2400
Observer Ride$35

*Reservation and/or payment in full is required for all jumps at Adventure Skydiving Tennessee.
Embrace the fear of jumping out of a plane at Adventure Skydiving Tennessee. Be brave. Even if you are not, pretend to be, nobody will know the difference.