For those whose love of skydiving keeps them coming back for more, we offer full use of our skydiving center for you, your friends, and your family. We even offer lift tickets for as low as $19! Don’t just take our word for it, come see for yourself why many talented skydivers call Adventure Skydiving Tennessee their home!

What You Should Know

Our main aircraft is a Dehavilland Twin Otter that holds 23 jumpers and is designed specifically for skydiving.
Sq Ft
Is the size of our state-of-the-art air conditioned facilities with indoor bathrooms and showers, as well as a common area with couches and TV’s available to all guests.
Is the time it will take you to reach several nearby restaurants, including Perkasie Pizza & Pasta, The Perk, Maize Restaurant, & more!

Skydiving Coaching


Custom Freefly Training

Learn to fly your body in any direction, at any speed! Training Skills include: Basic sit down position, head down, transitions, back flying, stand up, enhanced tracking, freefly fall rate, forward and backward movement, and turns.

RW Training (Formation Skydiving)

“One on one”, “two on one”, or “4-way” body flight coaching. Potential skills include exits, body position, grip taking, fall rate, forward and backward movement, side slides, turns, combination moves, tracking, canopy control, creeping techniques, mental preparation and focus, and team dynamics.

Basic Entry Level Coaching

Our entry-level coaching program follows the USPA Integrated Student Program. The coaches at Adventure Skydiving Tennessee help you attain the skills needed to complete your “A License” proficiency card. RW coaching jumps are designed to focus on the basics of a stable exit, head-high body position, center-point turns utilizing arms and legs as well as taking and releasing grips. Entry-level coaching at Adventure Skydiving Tennessee is a one-on-one program that helps you move toward skydiving with larger RW groups.

Experienced Team/RW Coaching

Professional 4-way RW competitors are available every day for coaching individuals, small groups, teams, or large groups. We at Adventure Skydiving Tennessee tailor our courses to your individual, group or team goals with a focus on having a good time while improving basic skills. Each coached jump includes a dirt dive, the skydive, and video debrief. Contact us to improve your skills in the Tennessee skies and reserve one of our coaches for a jump, a weekend, or even a week!

Canopy Training Swoop Seminars

Enhance your knowledge and canopy control performance with basic aerodynamics, aspect ratio, airfoil, wing loading, trim, lift, drag, flow separation, thrust and weight, the center of mass, the center of lift landings, the angle of incidence, and camber. Flight environment will include: turbulence, density altitude, traffic management, break off and deployment, crosswind and downwind, and final approach.
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