Events at AST!

Greg Windmiller Canopy Course

Golden Knight canopy pilot master, Greg Windmiller is coming back to AST again to teach 2 days of canopy courses. Saturday's focus is on honing basic skills (also a great review of skills for coaches and instructors!). Sunday will be geared towards more advanced canopy skills. Greg's course is awesome and is much more focused on improving individual skills rather than going through a standardize curriculum. I guarantee that you WILL LEARN something regardless of your current jump number or canopy skill level.

Cost is $140 per day, or both days for $250, plus jumps (no set amount.... people usually do 5-8). Each day is limited to 12 people... $50 deposit is required to hold your spot! Payment is due in full the week before the course!

Memorial Day Otter Boogie

Join us May 23-26 for a weekend like no other.

Compulsive Flyers, aka Dusty Hanks and Devin Roane will be in town load organizing, coaching and generally being AWESOME! These are the guys from the Utah tunnel that you've all heard so much about. If you haven't made it out to a tunnel camp and you feel like you've been missing out, this is your chance to see what all the talk is about!

We'll be flying an Otter all weekend.... 23 people to altitude and a BIG DOOR! Helicopter jumps on Saturday!

$20.00 boogie fee-- all preregistered jumpers get a free boogie tshirt!

Register here!

Come fly with the best!

Suit & Tie Boogie

2014 is the year to bring sexy back to the skydiving community. With all the SIS events going on around the nation (and coming to AST later this season), it seems only fair to have an event in honor of all the men that keep our plane flying and our ladies entertained. So guys.... this weekend is for you! Bust out your best suit from the back of the closet (you know the one you haven't worn since your college buddy's wedding or great uncle's funeral) OR hit up Goodwill for appropriate attire and get ready for a weekend of fun and jumping.

TWO turbines flying!! Kory Dickey memorial jumps will be going on all weekend. Team Dirty Sanchez's Jeff Guy will be RW organizing and inducting new members. Nelson Perez and Michael B will be doing freefly and tracking organizing.

Saturday night join us for a Zoolander inspired party. I'm challenging everybody to a walk-off... winners will get great prizes (including free jumps!). Nate Tarver will be cooking his TN famous BBQ for dinner, and drink will follow.

More to come!

Safety Day 2014

Join us for USPA Safety Day.... knock the winter cobwebs off your skills and your gear, and get ready for the 2014 season to start.

Seminars and safety briefings will start at 8:30am... jumping will start around 10! Everybody who attends the safety briefings will get $20 lift tickets for the rest of the day!

After jumping we'll be presenting our Ches Judy Safety Day and Tandem Cowboy Danger Day awards and then head to dinner at Bella Blak!

We'll be ordering Safety Day t-shirts again this year... cost is $10. I need to know by Feb. 15 if you want a shirt!

Canopies for Kids

We're partnering with Canopies for Kids ( to bring the thrill of skydiving to children receiving treatment at the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital!

For $20 you can sponsor one Parachute Pete teddy bear. Each bear comes with a card to send along with your bear for the kid to read, as well as a donation to the Children's Hospital. Once you sponsor a bear, you (or somebody else) take him on a skydive and then the bears get delivered to the hospital. The toys quickly become favorites of the children who receive them... I mean who wouldn't want a skydiving bear?? We'll also be compiling a video of all the bears in freefall so make sure you get video of your jumps!

We'll be offering $20 lift tickets all day to each experienced jumper who sponsors a bear (sponsor 2 and you get $20 lift tickets all weekend!). Plus on your jump with Parachute Pete, go to altitude for the cost of a hop & pop!

For tandem students who would like to sponsor a bear, tandems will be discounted to $169 (regular price is $225!). Please call us at 931-296-9410 to book and reserve your bear!

If you can't join us this weekend, you can still sponsor a bear... we'll be maintaining a stock of bears all summer long!

USPA Coach Rating Course

Learning to become a Coach is a highly satisfying way to give back to the sport you love so much. Not to mention, the coach's course is the first time you have been in a classroom since AFF! Relearning the basics, and how to teach the basics will help you grow as a skydiver.

$50 deposit is REQUIRED.

3 Day Class:
Friday: 10am-5pm (flexible depending on work schedules)
Saturday: 8-sunset (if weather is jumpable)
Sunday: 8-sunset (if weather is jumpable)

Coach Rating Requirements:
-100 Jumps
-B License
(you may take the course before you meet the requirements, you will have up to 1 year to complete)

$200 - $50 deposit = $150
Optional - practice evaluation jumps (my slot + your slot)
2 Evaluation Jumps (my slot + your slot)
Can be paid as cash or check

Buy and bring to course:
USPA Instructor Rating Manual
(any version within the last 24 months is valid)

Complete before course:
IRM - Coach test
IRM- Coach Proficiency Card filled out necessary portions
Sit through a First Jump Course (call manifest for dates!)

Flight-1 Canopy Course with Ian Drennan

Everybody can be a better canopy pilot! Whether your goal is to achieve smooth, safe, consistent landings or to learn more advanced canopy piloting skills, the Flight-1 Canopy Series is designed to get you there.

We will be offering the Flight-1 101 and 102 courses on June 8-9. Each course costs $150, and a $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot in each class. Flight-1 limits each course to 10 people, so register soon! The courses are designed to mix lecture, group discussion, hop & pops and debriefing to create a unique learning experience. As such, you'll complete 5 hop & pops per course. If unable to complete jumps due to weather, you may complete them during the next course (dates to be announced).

Flight 101 is the first foundation course, dealing specifically with creating soft, consistent, and accurate landings. You will fully understand the correct flare technique and develop the ability to debrief personal performance. The course defines the flight plan, modern flying techniques to ensure a high degree of accuracy and safety in the skydiving environment. Finally stall and stall recovery techniques introduce controls to start to understand the full performance range of the canopy. Prerequisite: Be cleared to self-supervise.

Flight 102 is the second foundation course, learning about the complete range of the canopy and using the canopy to deal with different situations in air and in the environment. The course takes you through a series of in air exercises to explore the performance range of the canopy so that you can deal with emergency situations and difficult atmospheric conditions. You will be given more safety and survival tools, including controlled turns using different inputs, turn dynamics, dive recovery and the how to deal with a long spot. Prerequisite: Attended and completed Flight 101 or attended the Flight-1 Essential Skills Course in the last 2 years.

Please register for this course at
Create a log-in and register thru the Flight-1 website. This will allow you to track your progress through the courses and ensure that Flight-1 knows you’ve satisfied any prerequisite requirements.

See Brooklyn at the dz to pay your deposit! Deposits must be turned in by May 15

Memorial Day Weekend at AST

2 planes.... need I say more?!? We'll be flying our usual king air and then either a second king air or a caravan. Spread the word, bring your friends and JUMP! Let's keep these birds in the air non-stop all weekend and see if we can beat our record for most loads in a day that we set back in April?

2 plane formation sunset jumps all weekend!

Join us early for the 1st Annual PACKING OLYMPICS! For the first time in skydiving history, the only tedious part of skydiving is taking center stage. Brush up on your packing skills, get some tips from a packer, and be ready to show us your nylon compression skills. Individual and team events including speed packing, blindfolded packing, relay races and more. Prizes for the top competitors (packer/rigger and non-packer categories!)

I'm resurrecting a competition Chuck Owen created from the early days of my skydiving career: BELLET-- where belly flying meets ballet! Bellet is a one round, two way, belly flying style event open to all skydivers with at least an A-license. An experienced video flyer will be provided for you. Participants are encouraged to find a partner before the weekend to discuss the details of their jump. If you can't find a partner one will be assigned to you. Please don't confuse Bellet with the common strict RW competitions that you may be familiar with. In Bellet, you and your partner make up your own stylish routine and go bust it out. No rules... No points to turn... Just flying around one another in any way you see fit. Think outside the box and come up with a unique routine. Points will be awarded by an expert panel of judges in the areas of creativity, exit, style, stability (how crisp were the moves?), and overall awesomeness. If you need some inspiration, I'm sure the video from the first Bellet is still floating around YouTube somewhere :)

Load organizing and coaching

Cookout Saturday night!

Bellet continues for any teams that didn't jump on Saturday... or for teams that used Saturday to practice!

Load organizing and coaching

Dinner at Tequila John's mexican restaurant

We'll bring the fun of Thursday's $20 lift tickets to Monday.... I can't think of a better way to wrap up a holiday weekend, can you?

Cinco de Mayo at AST

Harrel has been away too long and now that he's back, it's time to party! With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, he thought it was the perfect time for a mini-boogie. Hence, it's time to skydive and celebrate Cinco de Mayo in classic American style!

$5 gets you:

$1 off lift tickets all weekend

Free coaching for all skill levels!

Saturday accuracy competition with a first and second place prizes for A/B licenses and C/D licenses

For the swoopers at the dz, a team of "experts" will be declaring awards for best swoops of the weekend!

We’ll also be giving an award to the best-dressed senor or senorita…. the prize will automatically go to any person who shows up with a better mustache than Jose! Come dressed in style!

Stick around after jumping for a taco dinner… Sara the Snack Shack lady is coming out of retirement, so it’s going to be good!

Falling for a Cure 10

Randy, Tyler, and the Falling for a Cure gang are back for their 10th round of fun.

"Falling For A Cure" is an idea that was started by Randy Huth and Tyler "T-Bagz" Parrish in 2009 that would combine service industry people, extreme sports, and charitable contributions. We know that those things do not often go together, but wouldn't it be fun if they did? Wouldn't it be awesome to skydive with a group of friends to raise money for a great cause?

Well "Falling For A Cure" did just that... put all of those things together in order to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.

The first FFAC event took place in the summer of 2010 with 10 people skydiving to raise money for MS Research. Ever since then, the event has grown to hundreds of people per event taking to the skies to experience something that very few people in the world have done. All proceeds from the jumps go to the MS Society!

The event is one that you definitely don't want to miss!

Kory Dickey Memorial Weekend

Join us as we celebrate the life of Kory Dickey. Spend the weekend jumping, laughing, and remembering what Kory meant to all of us. Michael B, Laura, and Boyfriend Phil will be organizing all weekend. After sunset, we'll head to the staff house for some music and storytelling!

Tandems will be discounted all weekend for Kory's non-jumper friends and family members... give us a call to get set up!

Jump for Hunger!

Join Buddy McNabb and 3 generations of his family as they jump out of an airplane to raise money and food for the Humphreys County Food Pantry. Music, food, activities for kids and more will take place through out the day... so even if you don't plan to jump yourself, there will be plenty to keep you entertained.

Bring a donation of nonperishable food items and receive $1 off lift tickets!

Sunday Seminar Series

The weather is never ideal this time of year, and so it makes it a perfect time to LEARN! AST is hosting it's first Seminar Series. Each week, we'll lead discussions and lectures on a variety of topics, and led by senior staff members (IE, the people that end up working on every single load during the summer and don't get much time to coach/fun jump). The seminars are geared towards jumpers of all skill levels (let's be honest, we ALL have something to learn!)... from 5 jumps to 5,000! Topics will vary from week to week, ranging from the fundamentals of belly flying to rigging and safety. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the schedule and upcoming seminars!

USPA Safety Day

Safety day is just around the corner! Join us as we kick off our 2013 season with a weekend that focuses both on the fun of jumping and the importance of doing what we love safely. None of us tend to jumps quite as much over the winter, so it's good to dust off the cobwebs, refresh your knowledge, and improve the overall skill level of every jumper! The USPA designed Safety Day to promotes safety programs and helps inform jumpers of new developments and review important information and procedures.

We'll be doing a lot of hands-on training and refreshers throughout the jumping day... After sunset, make plans to stick around for a taco dinner, socializing, and a few presentations!

We'll be taking nominees for the Ches Judy Award between now and February 10th. The award should go to a jumper at the dz who always looks out for others or whose efforts make our dz a safer place. From the USPA, "The award should be presented to someone who, in the previous year through example, deed, training or innovation, has promoted safe skydiving in a substantive way" Jump numbers, ratings, or anything like that doesn't matter! Email your nominations to [email protected]

USPA Tandem Rating Course

Ted Ganger will be down to teach a Sigma Tandem Rating Course on November 9-11. You must have 500 jumps, a D-license, Class 3 FAA medical and a current USPA coach rating to attend. For more details, contact Brooklyn at the dropzone 931-296-9410!

Thanksgiving Specials

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! And to give thanks to all our valued customers, we are offering Thanksgiving deal specials that will run through Thanksgiving only. Do not miss this rare opportunity to experience the adventure of a lifetime at our once a year holiday price. All tickets from this deal are good for one year from the date of purchase, meaning you have all next summer to use them. Give the gift of adventure! (You must mention the promo code, TURKEY SHOOT, to receive a discounted rate.)

Christmas in September

Mark your calendars now.... AST's big event of the year is set for Sept. 28-30. We will be flying a CASA all weekend!! get ready for tailgate exits, raft jumps and more!

Friday we'll be hosting our first ever poker tournament.... with just a $5 buy in, this is guaranteed to be a fun event. Come show Jeff and Taylor that they CAN lose at poker!

Saturday is the typical pot luck dinner, dirty santa gift exchange fun that you've grown used to each year. Bring a gift ($25 or less) and if you're lucky, you'll snag the free day of jumping from under the Christmas tree!

Bruce Crawford will be up from Georgia belly organizing, Michael B is coming for freefly and tracking, AND we've got Scotty Burns coming in to teach a wingsuit course. The goal is to take advantage of the big plane and awesome organizers and set some TN state records!

Falling for a Cure 9

"FALLING FOR A CURE 9 :: THE BUCKET LIST" is set... Get ready to skydive for an awesome cause. If you missed the last eight, you still have a chance to take skydiving off your "bucket list".


The event will take place on Friday September 14th, Saturday September 15th and Sunday September 16th, when we try to make history by having over 200 people skydive in one weekend to raise money for the National MS Society and MS Research.

This is an ALL DAY EVENT that will include skydiving, watching your friends skydive, music, drinks, food, and fun.... all for an amazing cause.

Tickets are on sale now! Check out the link below for more information!

USPA Coach Rating Course

Mark Kalupa will be back March 23-25 for a USPA Coach Course. All interested candidates must have a USPA B license (in hand) and at least 100 jumps, as well as a current USPA membership. All candidates must also have a current copy of the SIM and IRM from the USPA. If you need one, let me know and we can order bulk copies through the DZ and get a little bit of a discount on them.

The cost for the course is $250 per candidate plus slots. In order to get your rating, you must successfully complete two evaluation jumps (total of 4 lift tickets)... if you fail a jump, you get one re-jump.

A-License Night

It's time to kick off an AST tradition for the second year. Spend an evening learning and getting those pesky A-license requirements signed off. Bring your questions, ideas, and proficiency cards with you! We'll get started right after last loads lands!

2012 Season Kick Off

Winter is coming to a close.... finally!! Join us the first weekend of March as we celebrate the beginning of spring and the return of skydiving to Tennessee! The King Air will be flying all weekend, Brooklyn and Josh will be offering free coach jumps, belly organizing, and small group free fly organizing. Stick around Saturday night for dinner from Lance's and the first annual Film Fest.

AST's First Annual Film Fest

With the snow and cold temperatures of winter in full effect, I’m sure I’m not the only person that is reliving summer by watching footage from last season. The only thing more fun than watching videos at home alone…. watching videos together. So…. grab your footage and creativity and join us for AST’s first annual Film Fest!

We’ll be accepting entries in three different categories. A first and second place winner will be announced in each category… first prize will take $150 cash and 5 free jumps, second prize wins $100 cash and 2 free jumps.

March 3 is opening day for the 2012 season... we'll be having a footage viewing party after jumping is over.


1) “What is skydiving?”… video length: 20-30 seconds. This is your chance to sell skydiving! Pretend you have a 30 second commercial spot before the Super Bowl and need to sell the sport using video, text and music only. Videos should convey what skydiving is all about in a short, concise manner. We’re not looking for just one awesome jump, but rather short cuts from lots of different skydives (exits, landings, freeflying, belly flying, etc).

2) “Why skydive?” video length: 45-60 seconds. This category builds on the first. We all know skydiving is fun, but for most of us, the social element plays a lot into why we continue with the sport. In this category, we’re looking for slightly longer submissions that show in-air footage but also incorporate the human side of skydiving… screams of excitement as a tandem student stands in the door of the plane, high fives in the landing area after a successful 10-way, pie in the face after a 100th jump, Brian Dawson hitting the wind blade on landing…. you get the idea. ☺ Here, imagine you’re recreating the tandem video or producing a promo spot for a website.—show the fun we have while we jump.

3) “Free for all”… video length: unlimited (but don’t bore us with a 45 minute documentary!). This category is open to interpretation…. Whatever you think skydivers and those interested in skydiving would like to see. Don’t hold back… I know you guys are a creative bunch and I expect to see it in your submissions! Comedy, skits, evening and wind hold shenanigans… NOTHING is off limits!

Rules and Video Guidelines

1) All footage becomes the property of AST. All videos entered may (and likely WILL) be used as promotional material for the dropzone via website, Facebook, and other marketing opportunities. Your submission is consent to use your footage!
2) Multiple entries are not only allowed but ENCOURAGED!
3) Please include song credits along with all video submission (song title, artist, album information). These credits do not need to be included in the video itself at this point, but bring the typed information with your dvd to the Film Fest.
4) Only submit footage that you have a right or permission to use.
5) Language, nudity or other “questionable” material is only allowed in the “Free for all” category
6) Footage is not limited to skydives made at AST… encourage your friends from other dropzones to enter as well.
7) Bring a dvd with your submissions to the film fest. Winners and other entries will be asked to provide digital format copies of their videos.

Halloween at AST

Join us for Halloween weekend.... $21 lift tickets for experienced jumpers who spend the day jumping in costume, Pumpkin Chuckin', prizes for the best costumes, Harrel in a Morphsuit and more.... hit the costume shops and then head on out!

Jumpin' for Jacob-- Keith Bellar Memorial Skydiving Benefit

You've always wanted to jump out of a plane and now you can do it for a good cause. "Jumpin' for Jacob" is a benefit for the widow and son of local hero Deputy Keith Bellar who gave his life in the line of duty. A portion of the proceeds from each tandem skydive will be donated to Keith's family. There will also be numerous other events happening during the day for adults and kids alike: face painting, bouncy house, silent auction, food and more!

Christmas in September 2

Christmas in September is back with a vengeance! More accuracy, more organizing and more gift exchanging, more of Amy wearing a snuggie! Seriously, this is an event NOT to be missed. This year's boogie promises to be bigger and better than last year, so start preparing now!

Falling for a Cure 6!

Randy and Tyler are back and bigger than ever! Falling for a Cure 6 will take place over Saturday AND Sunday, bringing double the fun, double the antics, and double the chance to raise money for MS research! For more information, or do donate prior to the event, check out the Falling for a Cure Facebook page:

Fancy Foot Flyin'

Michael B will be hosting a free fly skills camp at Adventure Skydiving Tennessee. The event will be geared towards all skill level, with an emphasis on improving and mastering sitfly skills. Whether you're a pro or can barely hold a stable sit, there's much to be learned during this weekend. Michael B will be offering 1-on-1 and small group organizing with video debriefs after each jump. Saturday night, stick around for a world famous barbeque dinner prepared by Nate Tarver, served with a side of daily video footage and dropzone fun.

A License Night

Spend an evening learning and getting those pesky A-license requirements signed off. AST instructors and coaches will be on-hand to help you on your way to becoming a licensed jumper! Bring your questions, ideas, and proficiency cards with you! Dinner will be provided.

USPA Tandem Rating Course

Time for Adventure Skydiving Tennessee to get some new instructors! Nathan Freedman from Deland is coming up to host a USPA and UPT Tandem Rating Course. Interested candidates must have 500 jumps, hold a USPA D license, and complete the prerequisites listed in the Instructor Rating Manual! Contact us to sign up for the course or to get more information.

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