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Demo Jump Recap

August 2nd, 2010


Chuck from nashville skydiving speaks to the crowd


Demo Jump And DonationGreat Success!!!!!!!!!!

    Adventure Skydiving Tennessee would like to thank EVERYONE involved in making the Humphreys County Board of Education, Waverly Elementary School Disaster Relief Fundraiser such a great success!

    The day began on such a great note with blue skies, fair winds and good people to share in the attempt to jump into the local high school. Jumpers Mike Paiser, Susie Paiser, Jose Malave, Jeff Fincher and Chuck Owen gathered at the Humphreys County Airport around noon to begin preparations for the demonstration

    Equipment, paperwork and nerve checks consumed most of the following hours. When the time came for one final inspection of the field and surrounding area to confirm landing obstacles, an unfortunate hindrance appeared in the form of a large storm cloud. The practice jump would have to be delayed until conditions became favorable again. The demo jumpers were on the edge of their seats in hopes that the skies would clear in time to get a practice jump into the stadium and still leave time to repack for the main event.

    As fortune would have it, the storm clouds said their peace and moved alongclearing the sky, and the way, for Adventure Skydivings crew to get moving

    A roar of the engines and a boarding of the plane signaled that the practice jump was underway. Not a moment too soon either, as the main event was fast approaching.  

The practice jumps went well. Each demonstration jumper got a feel for the landing area and a view of the obstacles from above. The landings were decent for the most part, and afforded everyone the opportunity to shoot for a fine tuned approach the second time around. With a mutual agreement the jumpers decided that it was time for the Big Show!

    Pilot Shawn donned his Marlboro Man Pimp Hat and eased into the pilot seat in preparation for his part in the gig. The show was set to start with a fly over of the stadium to grab the crowd’s attention, a signature move of Pilot Shawn. Following the fly over, the plane ascended to 5000ft and jumpers got the green light, signaling that the spot was good and the time to jump had come.

    One by one the jumpers made their exits on cue, and one by one they deployed their main parachutes. The fun had just begun for the accuracy shooting demo jumpers. With parachutes open and checked, the task shifted to applying their years of experience to landing on the fifty yard line. Keen eyes scanned the horizon and field. Constantly evaluating wind drift and wind effect on parachute flight, the demo jumpers expertly maneuvered themselves into position for a final approach into the field. One, Two, Three, Four, Fiveeach landing successfully on point, one after the other, to a roaring crowd. The day was won and the crowd was overwhelmed

    The culmination of this event was the presentation of a $1,000 donation to the Waverly Elementary School Disaster Relief Fund

    It was the pleasure of Adventure Skydiving Tennessees staff to be a part of this fundraising effort and to be afforded the opportunity to jump into the high school for the event.

And remember, residents of Humphreys County receive reduced Tandem Prices! So come out and SKYDIVE! 

For more information, call 800-505-JUMP

nashville skydiving staff looks upward              Jose lands his parachute at the demo

Chuck shoots approach at nashville skydiving              Jose lands at Waverly High

Jeff lands near nashville skydiving              mike nashville skydiving

  Skydivers celebrate a great demo

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Demo Jump Recap

August 2nd, 2010

    Demo Jump And Donation – Great Success!!!!!!!!!!     Adventure Skydiving Tennessee would like to thank EVERYONE involved in making the […]

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