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Why Choose Adventure Skydiving TennesseeThe Tennessee Skydive Difference

Why Adventure Skydiving Tennessee is the best real choice for skydiving in Nashville, Tennessee. Reason #1: Adventure Skydiving Tennessee uses only state of the art skydiving equipment. Due to the high level of experience of our instructors, and our use of the best equipment available, we can accommodate persons weighing as much as 250 LBS. There are hand full of small part time operators in the south east U.S. that will impose strict weight limits and will not take persons weighing over 220lbs. Although you may not weigh this much, this should be a concern. It is an indication of lack of experience and/or the modern equipment necessary to handle larger individuals which puts you closer to the limit of their experience or equipment. Don't push the limit, skydive with the PROFESSIONALS! You're worth it! Reason #2: Adventure Skydiving Tennessee is the most experienced skydiving center in the Nashville, Tennessee area! At Adventure Skydiving Tennessee, you will be skydiving with professionals whose experience levels range from at least 5 years to almost 31 years. Adventure Skydiving Tennessee is also the only skydiving center in the Nashville area that jumps every single weekend.  This means the staff are constantly on their toes and prepared for any situation.  Your safety is in good hands with the experienced and prepared skydiving instructors at Adventure Skydiving Tennessee. Reason #3: One of the largest skydiving training facility in the South East U.S. Adventure Skydiving Tennessee offers one of the largest and most full featured skydiving environment anywhere, including:

  • A large open air hangar giving you a comfortable, but relaxed skydiving experience.
  • Convenient observation areas so that you and your friends can observe the action.
  • Picnic area (This is also a great viewing area).
  • Outdoor recreation area (Your pets are welcome).
  • Classroom space
  • The latest in modern state of the art equipment including, all Zero Porosity, state of the art reliable main canopies, digital altimeters, computerized CYPRESS AAD's (Automatic Activation Devices) on ALL parachute rig systems.
  • The largest professional skydiving staff in the Eastern United States.
  • Adventure Skydiving Tennessee is a full service professional skydiving operation.

Experienced skydivers will enjoy the:

  • Indoor  padded / carpeted packing area.
  • Showers.
  • On-site rigging services
  • Outdoor airplane training mock ups.
  • Discounted lift tickets as low as $20 to 14,000 feet.
Call us at 800-817-5867 and make your reservation today!


Fourth weekend of every month!

Tandem Skydives for $169!

Offer Good All Summer!

Jumped for the first time 10-1-11. I HAD to bring my friends the next time (6-3-12). We all had an amazing time. We wanted to get right back in the plane and do it again. I WILL get my AFF Certification ASAP. Go for it. U won't be disappointed!
- Jason P.

I took my first jump on 9-10-2011. It was amazing. Leaving the plane and free falling was the best. Would love to go again. Have been waiting for 30 years to do this. My instructor was Jason and he did a great job. THANKS
- Keith C

I did my first jump at Adventure Skydiving in Waverly. It was LIFE CHANGING!! There seriously are no words for the thrill you get. Kevin McLemore was my tandum instructor and I don't think it gets any better than him. He was wonderful. He eased my fears and guided me safely to the ground :) The rest of the staff were wonderful as well. Great group of people. I will continue to jump here year after year!
- Amy Caudill